Kindly solve my problem ??

Dear student,
The solutions to your queries have been provided below:
1. a) I helped him.  (Finite)
     b) I wanted to help him. (Non-finite)
2. a) His friends understand him. (Finite)
     b) Understanding him is not easy. ( Non-finite)
3. a) Rahul was thinking about me. (Finite)
    b) It's Rahul's habit to think about me. (Non-finite)
4. a) My mother keeps her room clean. (Finite)
     b) My mother is praised for keeping her room clean. (Non-finite)
5. a) I am receiving many gifts today. (Finite)
     b) I like receiving gifts. (Non-finite)
6. a) I have improved my writing. (Finite)
    b) I have been instructed to improve my writing. (Non-finite)


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