Kindly suggest steps for the probelm. Construct a Triangle ABC in which AB=AC=5.2 cm and Angle A=120 degree.Draw AD perpendicular to BC using ruler compasses.

steps of construction:
1. draw a line segment AB = 5.2 cm
2. at point A , draw an angle of 120 deg.
3. cut an arc of length 5.2 cm., such that angle CAB = 120 deg and CA =5.2 cm
4. join CB.
thus triangle ACB is the required triangle.
5. put the tip of the compass at A, and cut an arc . such that it cuts CB at P and Q.
6. put the tip of compass at P and draw an arc.
7. now put the tip of compass at Q and draw the arc of the same arc length as used in step 6.
8. let both the arcs intersect at R. join RA.
let RA divides CB at D.
thus AD is perpendicular to CB.

hope this helps you

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