kunnni girija lives in  hyderabad her grandmother who lives in a village  , had to  hospitalized after a severe heart attack. kunni is unable to vusit h,er  because of her half yearly exams . suppose yourself to be kunni write a letter to the grandmother expressing her love  and feelings . also wish her a speed recovery and promise her that you will visit  her after her exams

Dear Student,
You can add these points in your letter:

* Grandma I hope you are recovering well. Remember you promised me you'll make me sweets when I come home after my exams?
* I promise I'll do well so that you can be proud.
* I am praying for your speedy recovery.
* I hope that my cousins are looking after you well. 
* Grandma I love you tremendously and I hope to see you smiling.
* Promise to give me a hug when I come.

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