Lakshmi das, the clerk, to whom Ali had given the money, makes a diary entry regretting hs misbehaviour towards Ali when he pestered him imagine you are Lakshmi das. Make he diary entry in 100


Sunday, 24th, July, 2011

I feel very bad and sorrowful at my own behaviour towards the old man Ali. Now that he is dead makes me guilty in my own eyes. I realize the immensity of his love for his daughter Miriam. He was impatient to hear something through letters about her. For that he used to come daily to the post office and waited till the last minute of the post office time. And we all ridiculed him. We used to make fun of him and insulted him. The post master insulted him greatly when Ali came to him to write his address. Ali actually wanted that his daughter Miriam 's letter be delivered to his grave. So he went to the postmaster to write his address. He came to me. He offered me five gold guineas (coins) to deliver Miriam 's letter at his grave. I silently accepted the money. It was very bad on my part. Now I feel it greatly. ?I feel guilty of the pains that I caused him. I must have respected his sentiments and affection for his daughter. Goodness matters much in life. But I accepted the price of this great human value. I pray to Ali to excuse me for my being bad towards him while he was alive.

Lakshmi Das

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