language is a problem b/w the people of lilliput & gulliver.

How is it solved ?

ans. -" language is a barrier " is a famous quote, this same problem arises between the lilliputians and gulliver because either of them couldnt understand each other and it was difficult to communicate using sign language so to solve this problem the emperor of lilliput appoints scholars to teach gulliver their language.

experts is this answer Good enough to get full marks for a 3 mark question

please correct my answer as I am not satisfied with this answe as only the last line is the one I added


@Songbird: Good attempt!!

The few mistakes that you have committed have been rectified and the edited answer is given below:

"Language is a barrier" is a famous quote. Language becomes a barrier between the Lilliputians and Gulliver because neither of them could understand the language of the other. It was difficult to communicate using sign language as well. Therefore,  to solve this problem, the emperor of Lilliput appoints scholars for teaching their language to Gulliver.

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