Last to trade discount entries please

Last to trade discount entries please Double Entry Book Keeping— ISC Xl X. at a of Saie 2m Tra& Des:ount and paid •d SCST s on Entra-süte sale y--,d purchase 'GST @ on interstate Äsed 500 p.eces of car horns •e 200 each less Trade Discount plus 500 pens 2m each Jess Trade Discount from L Z CGST KS' —as Further Cash Discount was allowed @ as the time What will be the amount of trade discount and cash discount' Cash at Bank 2.576@ us wOW Kumar 48,080: Office Furniture Ram '.74720 Z 16.960. Payable 80.000 0t that date? Show the Journal entry to Open his books- Tendulkar •s foÖows. 288,000. Bills payable Cash 2. Mach..ner•y 1200T 60.000: Owing to Ze 000, S." Garg What was the amount

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