Ledger A/c

Ledger A/c 1 Uah•' has Gaurav and Saurabh Gaurav grxluaton and Saw is of B Com wants G*lrav to further twt Gautav and Saumbh Nan' to boconu• he. Tt*y want to a shits business under the trade name of Fancy S The. 'mttv vees to proposal the problem iS shortage of funds They decried to start business April 2012 Mth • sma•amountote 500.000 They manag«ftobuy a shop 330,000 on IS 7012 Now 'e 19.000 was to run the day to day exmnseso' the business ._SÅrnbh suggested to apptomh a bank Gaurav catsdered the to a go•d idea Nex' day they approached Sdl 10 find out the Äøs Oan bank manag« asked for papers for the proposal which submitted by them SB' a of e 450.000 on 1. to 2012. nterest@ pa due on On 3tv Mach every yea a rco..nt on 182012 SB' Craned his aca)unt with the arnount Of ban on 1 '02012 1 t02C'2 a eonwter the use of business at 40000. the payment was roade through cheque A' paynents deque and receipts Xcount ot to be deposted bank During renovated furniture 200.000 on 31 , 122012 they also Diwali of 10000. Ther transrtøns tre year 31 March 2013 were as follows; Tu Sæs tc p. m) to •aft 5.01 p m 12 rmths to Paves Ei*næs Charges Prenül SY Weare Ex*rses 16.80000 20.40000 10.000 1.200m 100,000 18200 48.000 6.000 60.000 45.000 15.000 5.000 16,000 5.750 AtteerdoftEyeæ, Cbsiv valuig 4,00m0was On 31.32013, They dededto pa p.a, 2 A tebptmebdlofRs6800 is yet to 3 is not pad yet. 4 to saesrna-r is 5% On Saks 5, &est @ 1004 pas to be provd«i on capu and draw*-gs a-•d Saw-abh drawing of e 3000 and 2000 monttv, , Tufa! , f10qat

Dear Student

Cash A/c
Date Particulars   Amt Date Particulars   Amt
  (Rs)   (Rs)
01-Apr Capital A/c   500,000 1-May Shop A/c   350,000
        1-Aug Bank A/c   150,000
      500,000       500,000

Capital A/c
Date Particulars   Amt Date Particulars   Amt
  (Rs)   (Rs)
31-Mar Interest on Drawings   3,000 01-Apr Cash A/c   500,000
        31-Mar Interest on capital A/c   50,000
31-Mar Bal C/d   547,000        
      550,000       550,000

Shop A/c
Date Particulars   Amt Date Particulars   Amt
  (Rs)   (Rs)
01-May Cash A/c   350,000        
        31-Mar Bal C/d   350,000
      350,000       350,000

Bank A/c
Date Particulars   Amt Date Particulars   Amt
  (Rs)   (Rs)
01-Aug Cash A/c   150,000 1-Oct Computer A/c   40,000
01-Oct Bank Loan A/c   450,000 31-Dec Furniture A/c   200,000
31-Mar Sales A/c   2,040,000 31-Dec Gift Expenses   10,000
        31-Mar Purchases A/c   1,680,000
        31-Mar Carriage Inward A/c   10,000
        31-Mar Salary To Manager A/c        120,000
        31-Mar Salary to Staff A/c        100,000
        31-Mar Telephone Expenses            18,200
        31-Mar Electricity Expenses           15,000
        31-Mar Packing Expenses            48,000
        31-Mar Printing and Stationery             6,000
        31-Mar Accounting Expenses           60,000
        31-Mar Advertising           45,000
        31-Mar Bank Charges           15,000
        31-Mar Insurance Premium             5,000
        31-Mar Staff Wellfare           16,000
        31-Mar Conveyance Expenses             5,750
        31-Mar Drawings    60,000
          Bal C/d   186,050
      2,640,000       2,640,000

Bank Loan A/c
Date Particulars   Amt Date Particulars   Amt
  (Rs)   (Rs)
        1-Oct Bank A/c   450,000
        31-Mar Interest on Loan A/c   11,250
31-Mar Bal C/d   461,250        
      461,250       461,250
Computer A/c
Date Particulars   Amt Date Particulars   Amt
  (Rs)   (Rs)
01-Oct Bank A/c   40,000 31-Mar Depreciation A/c   4,000
        31-Mar Bal C/d   36,000
      40,000       40,000

Gift Expenses A/c
Date Particulars   Amt Date Particulars   Amt
  (Rs)   (Rs)
31-Dec Bank A/c   10,000 31-Mar Profit and Loss A/c   10,000
      10,000       10,000

Here i have prepared all the major ledger accounts, however ledger accounts of expenses are remaining, i request you to try it once as you only have to close those account balance in profit and loss account in single entry, In case of any query please get back to us we would help you at the earliest.


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