Lesson no:- 2 The road was not taken.
Pls...I want a summary on this poem

The poem written by Robert Frost depicts his dilemma when he comes to a fork in the road he was travelling on through a yellow forest. The speaker in the poem cannot travel by both the roads and hence has to choose one hence he stands at the fork and looks in the direction of both the roads as far as he could see. However, the forest is dense and the road not being straight does not allow him to see much.
He notices that while one had been taken by others, the other was less travelled. He takes the one that not many travelled on, thinking that it would be just as good as the first and then he had already walked on the second road wondering if both the roads were equally worn in.
The speaker claims to save the first road to travel another day. But then realises that one road may lead to another and he may or may not get another opportunity to travel on the first road. He finally recounts this experience years later that he took the road less travelled and all the differences in his life are caused due to this decision.
The poet here wants to mention that he had two choices in life and he took up the choice that very few people opted for, knowing fully well that there was no evidence for results in that choice, and that brought him all the change in his life.
The diversion in the road represents real-life situation where we have to make tough decisions.

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