Let f be a linear equation with properties f(1)<f(2); f(3)>f(4) and f(5)=5 which of the following is true-
  1. f(0)<0
  2. f(0)=0
  3. f(1)<f(0)<f(-1)
  4. f(0)=5

it is given that f is a linear function.
therefore let f(x) = ax+b, where a and b are constants
f(1)f(2)a+b2a+ba0 .....(1)f(3)f(4)3a+b4a+ba0 ......(2)from eq(1) and eq(2), we have:a=0thus f(x)=b , i.e. function is a constantand f(5)=5f(x)=5thus f(0)=5

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