letter to the editor on increasing pollution

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Bilag nagar

15 April 20XX

The editor


New Delhi


Sub: increasing pollution

Dear Editor:The increasing pollution of the earth has given an tremendous rise to the pollution. This leads to Global Warming. This means that after some years the whole earth would change into a burning desert.This has an another disadvantage that the sea level is rising day by day. This would lead to overflowing of the seas and the oceans.All the adults and the children have started taking care of this. We are planting off the trees instead we should plant the trees. Recently in the news it came that one man has nearly 3 lakh trees in his past 27 years. There a news also came by the Bollywood section that John Abrahim is awarded the eco-warrior award for his great efforts for preventing the loss of nature and wildlife too. So much of the pollution is being made by us and the people around us. When we are passing through a garbage place. We run away for fresh air.But when we are sitting in the open garden or at a greenery place, we feel like not going away from it.So we must start caring about the mother nature and use the thing that is hygienic or biodegradable. So we must start using this and prevent the Green Earth.

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