letter to the editor on trhe increasing crime against women


Bilag nagar

15 April 20XX

The editor


New Delhi


Sir — It is unfortunate that even after six decades of Independence, violence against women continues unabated in India. On several occasions in recent times, citizens have expressed their disgust at the rise in crime against women but to no avail. The Mumbai gangrape is reminiscent of the horror in Delhi. The incident also highlights a disturbing trend: rape seems to have become the norm rather than an aberration in modern India. The eight months that separate the assaults in Delhi and Mumbai have seen the framing of tougher laws. It was hoped that they would act as effective deterrents. But the attack on the woman in Mumbai has proved, once again, that tough laws will never be enough to stop rapists from committing dastardly acts in this country. It seems that criminals are no longer afraid of the law. It is also evident that cities in India can no longer claim to be safe for the growing number of working women. The number of fast-track courts needs to be raised. Cases such as this one can then be tried quickly and criminals punished without wasting precious time.

Yours faithfully, MAYANK, Faridabad

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