Life is impossible without photosynthesis. justify.

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In the absence of photosynthesis, oxygen might not be easily available and as photosynthesis is the process by which energy is generated for other heterotrophic organisms (either directly or indirectly) and if this process is absent then there  would be severe food crisis for the living fraternity and life would not be possible.

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Life is not possible or impossible without photosynthesis because , as plants take the raw materials , water carbon dioxide with the help of sunlight and chlorophyll gives out oxygen and glucose and that oxygen is taken by all other organisms . So that is why life is impossible without photosynthesis.
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 because plant s make their food from photosynthesis and we depend on plants for food so if the will die without food we will die because it is base of food chain
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 In the absence of green plants, there would not be the process of photosynthesis. Besides oxygen which is essential for the survival of all living organisms is produced during photosynthesis. Thus, we can say that life would be   impossible on the earth in the absence of photosynthesis.
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