Light from a discharge tube containing hydrogen atoms falls on the surface of a piece of sodium. The kinetic energy of the fastest photoelectrons emitted from sodium is 0.73 eV. The work function for sodium is 1.82 eV. Find (a) the energy of the photons causing the photoelectric emission,
(b) the quantum numbers of the two levels involved in the emission of these photons,

Dear Student,Energy = work function + Kinetic energyEnergy = 1.82 + 0.73 =2.55 eVThe energy of the photons causing the photoelectric emission is 2.55 eVb) Energy level of hydrogen atom are :E1 =-13.6 eVE2 =-3.4 eVE3 =-1.5eVE4 =-0.855E =E4-E2 =-0.855 eV+3.4=2.55 eVthe quantum numbers of the two levels involved in the emission of these photons are 2 and 4

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