list 10 figures around you and identify the acute,obtuse and right angles found in them.


A bio sketch is a brief summary of you or someone Else's professional /educational accomplishments, publications, and affiliations--an abbreviated curriculum vitae--meant to highlight important aspects of your training, experience, and areas of interest.
In plain's a "light sketch" of a persons life.

I was taught that a biography is about someone else while an autobiography is about one's self. So an autobiographical sketch would be a bio sketch of your own life while a biographical sketch is a bio sketch of anybody Else's life.

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sory i tld wrng ans

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Sorry, it is a wrong question .

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the roof of a house has to be at least 39 degrees and at maximum 48 degrees 
A real world situation where i use angles is my posture in school. When stretching over in gym class to reach my legs i make an acute angle. When bending over to drink at the the water fountain I make an obtuse angle. I make a right angle when i sit down on a chair.(From my knees to my head). Finally i make a straight angle when i stand up.
Any picture frame must be made to fit the pictures. Most of the time, it requires a 90 degree angle 
A real world solution involving angles would be finding the measurement of a slightly opened door and then finding the measure of how much the whole door can still open up till the door stopper and see if it forms a complimentary angle
a football make an angle of 360
a globe make angle of 360 
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