List 3 advantages and disadvantages of constructing a dam on a river.

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Advantages of dam construction over river are :

1.The dams are used in hydroelectric power generation.

2. It is useful in storing rain water for future irrigation purpose for upcoming crops.

3. It may be a source of tourism or a route for crossing rivers in short time than the usual roads.

Disadvantages are:

1. A dam requires a large area to be constructed which could affect the rural people life and their agriculture.

2. It can cause flood if water level rises up to the tolerance level which could be more devastating than natural.

3.It requires more energy, labor and resources to be constructed.

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Advantages of dams: 

1. Dams are constructed based only on safety 
2. It is used to store water 
3. It used in hydroelectric power generation 
4. It is used in irrigation purposes. 

Disadvantages of dams: 

1. Requires skilled labour to construct 
2. Strong abutments is needed.

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