list 3 properties of mixtures

Following are the properties of a mixture

1) The composition of a mixture is not fixed. A mixture is formed by the physical combination of two or more pure substances in any proportion. For example a solution of sugar in water is a mixture.

2) Constituents of a mixture can be separated by physical processes such as evaporation, boiling etc.

3) No chemical process is involved in the formation of a mixture.

4) The properties of the components of a mixture are retained. 

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Three properties of Mixtures are:-

1) There is no fixed composition in mixtures.
Eg. Copper and tin are mixed together in variable ratios to form brass. Therefore, it is a mixture.

2) Mixtures do not have a fixed boiling point.
This is due to the varying composition of its constituents. Its different
constituents have different boiling points, therefore resulting in its unfixed
boiling point.

3) Mixtures do not have a fixed boiling point.
The reason is similar to the reason given for its unfixed boiling points.

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