List adaptations evolved in parasites enabling them to live successfully on their host ?

1. lack of sensory organs
2. high reproductive capacity
3. presence of hooks and suckers
4 lack of digestive organs
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Parasites have evolved special adaptations to the requirements and lead successful life in the hosts 1) In order to live in the host, some parasites have developed structures like hooks, suckers, rostellum, etc., for anchoring. Eg: Taenia Solium 2)Some intestinal parasites have developed protective cuticle to withstand the action of digestive enzymes of the host. Eg: Ascaris Lumbricoides 3)Some intestinal parasites produce anti enzymes to neutralise the effect of host's digestive enzymes. Eg: Taenia Solium 4)some parasites live as obligatory anaerobes as the availability of oxygen is very rare for them. Eg: Entamoeba Histolytica, Taenia Solium 5)Some intestinal parasites live as facultative anaerobes i.e., if oxygen is not available, they respire aerobically. Eg: Ascaris Lumbricoides
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