List any few examples of environment degradation that you may have observed around you.

1.Soil Erosion

2.Water Pollution

3.Air Pollution

4.Burning of fossil fuels

5.Hole in ozone layer





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2.acid rain

3.falling levels of ground water

4.endangering flora and fauna

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air pollution

acid rain


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water pollution

soil pollution

deforestation .etc

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soli erosion ,air pollution,water pollution
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Industrialisation Uses of fertilizers and pesticides Construction of dams, roads, buildings
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Noise pollution, soil degradation,water pollution , overgrazing, deforestation, release of harmful gases by factories(air pollution)...... Hope U like the answer..😁
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Some of the land degradations are:- — Deforestation. — Mining. — Quarrying. — Over grazing. — Over farming. — Vast human activities
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1.Soil Erosion
2.Air & Water pollution
3.Global Warming leading to skin cancer, melting of ice caps- resulting in the increase of sea level, UV rays harming the plants as well as humans
4.Acid rain tarnishing the statues, buildings and monuments and finally leading to Biological Magnification 
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This is a detailed answer for 3 marks. Hope it helps!
1. Excessive use or misuse of the natural resources is getting common now a days and it is causing environmental degradation.
2. Because of deforestation forests are rapidly turning into plain grounds.
3. Falling level of ground water, soil erosion, water pollution , burning of fossil fuels etc are leading towards environmental degradation.
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Measures to control Land Degradation
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1. Soil erosion. 2. Air pollution. 3. Land degradation. 4. Burning of fossil fuels. 5. Global warming
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1 Air pollution 2 Water pollution 3 Soil erosion 4 Burning of fossil fuels 5 Hole in ozone layer
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Soil erosion , deforestation , land degredation , global warming ,over grazing , burning of fossil fuels ,acid rain , over farming , water and air pollutions etc.....
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