List four points of significance of reproductive health in a society name any two areas related to reproductive health which has improved over the past 50 years in our country

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Reproductive health is the total well-being in all the aspects of the reproduction which includes physical, emotional, behavioural and social well-being. The significance of reproductive health of a society includes ;
(i) Awareness regarding various reproduction related aspects majorly amongst the youth helps in controlling unwanted pregnancies in the youth.
(ii) Knowledge about various sexually transmitted diseases(STDs) helps in controlling spread of various STDs like HIV, syphilis,gonorrhoea, etc.
(iii)Better sex education and awareness about birth controlling methods help in controlling the population.
(iv) Gender equality helps in bringing up a socially conscious healthy family.

Improvement related to reproductive health within last 50 years includes;
(i)Better family planning methods are now known to the general public. This has helped in controlling population.
(ii)Mother and Infant mortality rate has decreased a lot due to improvised health care facilities.


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