List four ways of spreading communicable diseases?

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Communicable disease can be spread by directly or indirectly from affected person.
1-  Transmission by water, when excretions from an infected person containing casual microorganisms get mixed with drinking water.
E.g, Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis A etc.

2-  Transmission by physical contact between two people, which leads to the transfer of diseases.
E.g,  syphilis, gonorrhoea etc.

3-  Transmission by air like Tuberculosis

4-  Transmission by blood to blood contact established through blood transfusion, or during pregnancy and through breast feeding.

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coughing, sneezing, vomit eating contaminated food, breathing
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Through air by sneezing coughing etc.
Through water by drinking it which is contaminated.
Through the surroundings by walking on barefoots on known infected areas.
Through physical contact.
Through the vectors.
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water, air, hand's, physical contact..
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