list of uses and harmful effect of
1. bacteria

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Harmfulness of bacteria: 
Bacteria cause rotting of vegetables and fruits.
Bacteria cause food poisoning.
Bacteria cause loss of productivity of soil.
Bacteria are responsible for over 90% of human and animal diseases.
Usefulness of bacteria:
Bacteria cause decomposition of dead bodies.
Sewage is broken down by bacteria.
Bacteria convert dung, farm refuse into manure.
A number of antibiotics are obtained from bacteria.
Bacteria play a very important role in dairy industry.
Harmfulness of protozoa:
Protozoa are harmful parasites which are responsible for causing many deadly diseases such as malaria, sleeping sickness, kala-azar, diarrhoea, etc.
Usefulness of protozoa:
Protozoa help to increase the fertility of soil.
Harmfulness of viruses:
Viruses are responsible for causing one of the most deadly disease AIDS.
In animals, viruses cause foot and mouth disease, Ranikhet disease, etc.
In plants viruses cause potato mosaic disease, banana bunchy top, etc.
Usefulness of viruses:
Some of the viruses are used in the field of biotechnology and research.

Harmfulness of fungus:
Fungus cause spoilage of food.
Fungus is responsible for many plant diseases.
Usefulness of fungus:
Fungus is used as source of food.
A very important antibiotic, Penicillin is obtained from fungus.
Fungi such as yeast convert sugary solutions into alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, etc.
Usefulness of algae:
Some algae are used as food.
Algae are responsible for 50% of total carbon dioxide fixation of the world. Fixation of carbon dioxide releases oxygen which is essential for respiration of aquatic life.
Agar, a gel used in tissue culture is obtained from algae.
Disposal of sewage is carried out by algae.
Harmfulness of algae:
Some algae such as red algae is responsible for causing disease in tea plant.   
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