1. List out some major proteins and their functions.

Proteins are polymeric biomolecules made up multiple amino acid units joined by peptide bond.
Some important proteins are :
1) Carrier/ Transport Proteins
Proteins that are responsible for transport of molecules in the body
For eg : Haemoglobin
2)  Contractile Proteins
Proteins with property of contractibility by the virtue of which it can extend and contract.
For eg: Actin, Myosin.
3) Protein as Hormone
When proteins act as regulatory molecules in the body for growth & development of body
For eg : Insulin
4) Protein as Enzymes
Proteins with catalytic activity that can increase or decrease the rate of metabolic reaction.
For eg: most of the enzymes are proteinaceous in nature
5) Structural Proteins
Proteins that form the structural components of the body tissues.
For eg : Collagen

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