list some examples of

contraction in solid, liquid and gas.

Matter expands when heated and when the matter is cooled, it contracts.
Talking about specific examples of contraction in solids, liquids and gases:
Examples of contraction in solids:​
1)Metal frames around windows contract in winters and they again expand in summer.
2)Metal lids on jars that is why due to contraction of the metal, the lid gets tightened and thus sometimes it get difficult to open the lid. However if we heat, it slightly get loosened and we are able to open it.
3) The wooden doors which gets tight in summers due to expansion again loose in winters due to contraction
Examples of contraction in gases:
1)Air in tires
2)Air in ballons
3)Contraction of steam to form liquid water

Examples of contraction in liquids:​
1) mercury in thermometer contracts as temperature decrease.


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