List some of the common features of all the burials.

  • own cemeteries and burial grounds whose creation and continuity reflect the broad spectrum of the community's history and culture;
  • family burial plots that contribute to the significance of a farmstead;
  • beautifully designed garden cemeteries that served as places of rest and recreation;
  • graveyards that form an important part of the historic setting for a church or other religious building being nominated;
  • formal cemeteries whose collections of tombs, sculptures, and markers possess artistic and architectural significance;
  • single or grouped gravestones that represent a distinctive folk tradition;
  • graves or graveyards whose survival is a significant or the only reminder of an important person, culture, settlement, or event; and
  • burial places whose location, grave markers, landscaping, or other physical attributes tell us something important about the people who created them.
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