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list the differences between a US farmer and an indian farmer?

Shivani , added an answer, on 12/10/12
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 (1) In India farmers live very far away from there farms so it takes time to get to there farm and in the USA farmers stay very near to there farm.

(2) In India land is very less land is available with the farmers and in the USA large amount on land is available with farmers.

(3) In India electricity is not easily available in villages whereas in the USA there is no problem of electricity.

(4) In India farmers don 't have additional income from dairies and piggery 's whereas USA farmers have additional income from these fields.

(5) In India easy loan is not available which effects the life of the farmers whereas in the USA easy loan is available.

(6) In India the connectivity of food grain market is poor whereas In the USA connectivity of food grain market much better.

(7) In India farming is treated as livelihood by farmers whereas in the USA it is treated as business.

These are the reasons of difference in lifestyle of Indian farmers as compare to the American farmers.

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