List the poetic devices used in the poem "The Thing Of Beauty " by John Keats along with examples.

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'A Thing of Beauty' written by John Keats is based on the Greek mythical story of Endymion. The poem reflects on how the objects in the world have an inner beauty that can help us deal with reality and at times escape it. It can wash away our sorrows for a little while, and the feelings aroused while we gaze upon these things of beauty lingers on our mind. It will not fade away as time passes by. The poem is written in rhyming couplets and in Iambic Pentameter. The poem is adorned with poetic devices like alliteration, enjambment, anaphora, inversion, etc. 
For instance:
 "It will never ... pass into " - enjambment  
‚Äč"Therefore or every morrow,  are we wreathing - inversion
"A flowery bond... to the earth.", "cooking covert", "simple sheep" - alliteration
"Of noble.. of all the.. " - anaphora
"old and young"- antithesis
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