List/write the meanings of the idioms given below:
  • ​to cry over spilt milk
  • at the drop of a hat
  • to bark up the wrong tree
  • to bide your time
  • blessing in disguise
  • to feel under the weather
  • to bury the hatchet 
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  1. To cry or regret about a wrong action that has caused a disaster.
  2. without hesitation or for a good reason.
  3. to go on looking or seeking out for something or someone in the wrong place.
  4. waiting for the right opportunity to do something.
  5. a good that has evolved from something terrible.
  6. to feel sick or ill.
  7. to end a quarrel and become friendly.
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1eing upset over something that has already happened and cannot be changed. Usually this phrase is said as "it's no use crying over spilt milk," which means that getting upset over certain things, like spilled milk, is not going to fix it.
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to bark up the wrong tree, means making a mistake
to feel under the weather , means to be sad
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To cry over spilt milk - when you complain about a loss from the past
​At the drop of hat -  without any hesitation; instantly
To bark up the wrong tree - looking in the wrong place; accusing the wrong person
To bide your time - to wait calmly for a good opportunity to do something
Blessing in disguise - something good that isn't recognised at first
To feel under the weather - feel slightly ill
To bury the hatchet - to stop an argument andbecome friends again
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