Look at the following sentence.

There was a glad sense of relief when she heard the noise of the carriage growing fainter...

Here, glad means happy about something.

Glad, happy, pleased, delighted, thrilled and overjoyed are synonyms (words or expressions that have the same or nearly the same meaning.) However, they express happiness in certain ways.

Read the sentences below

• She was glad that the meeting was over.

• The chief guest was pleased to announce the name of the winner.

1. Use an appropriate word from the synonyms given above in the following sentences. Clues are given in brackets.

(i) She was __________ by the news of her brother’s wedding. (very pleased)

(ii) I was __________to be invited to the party. (extremely pleased and excited about)

(iii) She was __________ at the birth of her granddaughter. (extremely happy)

(iv) The coach was __________ with his performance. (satisfied about)

(v) She was very __________ with her results. (happy about something that has happened).

2. Study the use of the word big in the following sentence.

He was so big − his hands and his neck, especially his mouth…

Here, big means large in size.

Now, consult a dictionary and find out the meaning of big in the following sentences. The first one has been done for you.

(i) You are a big girl now. older

(ii) Today you are going to take the biggest decision of your career. _________

(iii) Their project is full of big ideas. _________

(iv) Cricket is a big game in our country. _________

(v) I am a big fan of Lata Mangeskar. _________

(vi) You have to cook a bit more as my friend is a big eater. _________

(vii) What a big heart you’ve got, Father dear. _________

1. (i)  She was delighted by the news of her brother’s wedding.

(ii)  I was thrilled to be invited to the party.

(iii)  She was overjoyed at the birth of her granddaughter.

(iv)  The coach was pleased with his performance.

(v)  She was very happy with her results.

2.  (i)  older

(ii) most important

(iii) excellent

(iv) huge (in popularity)

(v)  great

(vi) a lot or above average (in quantity)

(vii) a good and kind

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