Love, sympathy and education can transforms a criminal. Explain with reference to the story.
(Ch- the thief's story)(book- foot prints without feet)

Dear student, It is true that love, sympathy and education can transform a criminal as we could see in the Thief's Story. When the thief tried to rob Anil and run away, he couldn't gather the courage to take the train because he had developed a fondness for Anil, his kind treatment and above all he knew benefits of being educated by him. The thief had robbed many people in the past and he hadn't felt bad but this time it was different. Anil had managed to change the thief's outlook by providing him lessons and treating him benevolently. Thus, he returned to Anil and even kept the money back, under his mattress. This proves that love, sympathy and education can transform a criminal.

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Love , symphaty and education can transform a criminal into a good man as the thief when knew to learn and write and got love from the boy he realised the value of education and started to think about earning money with help of education and learnt to spread love and symphaty .
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Also the thief realised that he has wasted half of his life cheating others and taking others money . He did not knew about love symphaty and to read and write . but when he came to Anil's house he learnt to read write and to spread love and affection
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