lysosomes present in cells , have hydrolytic enzymes that digest the whole cell
whereas acrosomes in sperm also have hydrolytic enzymes that break the layer of corona radiata , why it has different functions in different places but same name ??

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Lysosomes have 40 different types of hydrolytic enzymes that not only help in the digestion of the cell but also plays a very important role in the digestion of food that enters inside a cell, digestion of large extracellular particles present outside the cell. Similarly, acrosomes in the sperm also contain different types of lysosomal hydrolytic enzymes that help in breaking the layer of corona radiata to enter inside the ovum to induce fertilization.

Thus, each hydrolytic enzyme in lysosome performs a specific function according to its chemical structure and hence, the hydrolytic enzymes perform different functions in different cells.


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