maam how did the Thethys sea become a mountain which is the himalayas, Because the the seas was water and now it is made up of rocks

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a. Convectional currents impacts the earth's crust , that cause tectonic plates to move.
b. Large convection currents transfer heat causing divergent plate boundaries leading to movement of plates..
c. It is these convection currents that have separated/drifted Indo Australian plate from the Gondwana land.
d. As India began to move towards Asia, due to convection currents, the Tethys sea began to shrink. It was Tethys sea that separated Eurasian plate and Indo Australian plate.
e. Further, is the sediments  comprising of silt, rocks that rose from its seabed  that resulted in the formation of  mountains. The sea rather has disappeared
f.  Also to note that  the Indo Australian plate moves northwards because of the seismic activities which are indeed thrusting the Himalayas up.

g. The sea which was once full of water is now comprising of rocks this is because that the Indo Australian plate is still moving upwards towards Eurasia, impacting the Himalayas.


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the seabed is made of sand , silt and other rocks ( including minerals) . these materials are sendiments on the seabed
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There was an early island called called penjia which was divided into angaraland and the gomdawanaland these too were also having several continents the river tethyes flows b/w angaraland and the gondawanaland the sediments from these two formed the himalyas
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