Madam X is at point A(1,2,3).now in search of a diamond neckless she moves in direction i+j+root 2k. after moving 10m , she reaches a point B. she gets the clue for her diamond and reaches point C(6,7,8). her speed is constant in whole path is 20m/s.
The coordinate of point B is

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Unit vector along the direction  joining points AB is =i^+j^+2k^12+12+(2)2=i^+j^+2k^2so the vector AB=10(i^+j^+2k^2)=5(i^+j^+2k^)...1Let the coordinate of the point B is (x,y,z) so vector AB is AB=(x-1)i^+(y-2)j^+(z-3)k^Putting thr value of AB from eqn 1(x-1)i^+(y-2)j^+(z-3)k^=5(i^+j^+2k^)x-1=5   ,y-2=5   ,z-3=52x=6  ,y=7  ,z=3+52Regards

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