"Mahmud Ghazni attacked India for wealth. Each time he attacked, hundreds of lives were lost. He used the money he looted to beautify his capital city."
in your opinion , should he have spent the money on beautifying his capital city or for the welfare of his people ? Meritnation experts please answer fast.  it is urgent. i want a little bit big answer.....

There is no religion or any judicial system that supports plunder or killings,whatever the means Mohammad Ghaznavi used they were against the principles of humanity.If there was any goodness left with the ruler he would had spent that money for the welfare of masses especially poor.

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maybe he did that to make his kingdom look good and for the welfare of people
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i was asking what he should do . either make his capital city look good or for the welfare of his people
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muhammad ghajni looted india because he wanted to make a beautiful library and a beautiful mosque
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