Main scale of a vernier callipers reads 10mm in 10divisions.10divisions of verniers scale coincide with 9 divisions of main scale.When 2jaws of the callipers touch each other 5thdivision of vernier coincides with 9main scale divisions and zero of the vernier is to right of zero of main scale ,when a cylinder is tightly placed between two jaws,zero of the vernier scale lies slightly to left of 3.2cm and fourth vernier division coincides with a main scale division.Find diameter of cylinder

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10 VSD   =     9MSD1 VSD      =910MSD =0.9MSDNow least count =MSD-VSD=(1-0.9)mm=0.1mmfor zero error =5×least count=5×0.1=0.5mmnow dimeter of cylinder={3.2-0.1}×10(mm)+4×0.1-0.5} =+30.9mmRegards

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