major difference in the offspring produced by asexual reproduction and in the progeny produced by sexual reproduction

in the progeny by sexual reproduction recombination of charecteristics are seen that take place during meiosis.

whereas in asexual reproduction identical clones are produced as no crossing over of chromosomes is observed.

mutations seen in progeny by sexual reproduction is more than by asexual reproduction

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All the individuals formed from asexual reproduction arre identical and are reffered to as clones.

Whereas indivduals formed from sexual reproduction are the mixture of genetic material of the 2 parents.

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Offspring produced from asexual reproduction does not show variations while that of offspring produced from sexual reproduction show variations distinctly.

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Progeny produced from asexual reproduction are genetically and morphologically similarly to each other and hence are termed as Clones whereas progeny produced from sexual reproduction are not identical due to the fusion of male and female gametes from two different individuals.They have better chances of survival too.

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Offsprings produced through asexual reproduction are genetically identical(clone) to each other as well as to their parents, while sexually produced offsprings show genetic variations leading to evolution.
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