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We know that one of the main uses of thermometer is to measure the temperature of an object, environment and atmosphere. There a various types of thermometers and have multiple applications in different fields depending on the types.

Some applications and uses of Thermometer is given below :

  • In the House
  • In automobiles
  • In industries
  • In restaurants

Thermometers are used in the House

A thermometer comes in handy when you need to know the temperature of objects to prevent from burn injuries for ensuring safety of people in the family, especially children. It is advisable for parents to use a thermometer to check the temperature of slides, swings and other playground equipments in a sunny day before letting the kids touch it.

It is also used to check the temperature of grill stands, ovens and other heating appliances before reuse. An Infrared thermometer is used in this case in order to get a fast and accurate readings.

It is also used in Automobiles

Infrared thermometers are designed to take readings from a distance and so when you are working on your automobile and having a hard time reaching the wires, hose and other equipments, this thermometer can prove beneficial in this situation.

It can be helpful if it is treated as a diagnostic tool for fixing defects in which it measures the temperatures of various vehicle parts such as tires, under the hood, engines, transmission, brakes clutches etc

Uses of thermometer in Industries

In some industries, it is very important to check for air leaks and poorly insulated areas to ensure safety standards are maintained. For example, the need of insulation can be checked by comparing the temperature of interior and exterior surface of the walls and if the difference is large then the walls need proper insulations.

Clinical and laboratory thermometer are used in in medical and scientific industries. Similarly, if there is a cold area near the exit or doorways, then it means heat is lost. This will ensure the presence of air leaks. An infrared thermometer helps you identify temperature difference and take necessary actions.

Thermometers are used in Restaurants

Big restaurants use thermometers to keep track of the oil and dish’s temperature to achieve perfection and customer satisfaction. Simply using an infrared thermometer to test the sample will give you the result of the whole batch. Whether it is a fresh batch are leftovers, it should be heated up to 165 degrees for 15 seconds in order to eat.

Thermometers ensures that semi-solids dishes have reached a desired temperature which will kill-off any bacteria present in the dish.

These were some applications and uses of Thermometer, if you wish to know more, download BYJU’S The Learning App.


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