Make a flowchart to show history of democracy of India.


I have jotted down all the important facts using which you can draft the flowchart. Use the following points:

1) Early 6th century B.C. the rise of independent republics such as sanghs and ganas.
2) These ganas had a monarch and a monarch and a deliberative assembly too.
3) The King worked after consulting the ministers.
4) Under the Shakyas, Koliyas, Mallas, and Licchavis the assesmbly was open to all irrespective of class or wealth.
5) During the mediaeval times that is  (8th to 16th century CE), India also had a system of   village panchayat system . The village administration was responsible for several roles, such as collecting revenues and maintaining law and order or constructing roads and other public works.
6) Under the British too, acts like the Bengal Local Self-Government Act 1885 was passed. This act for example, established union committees responsible for issue such as construction of schools, sanitation or roads.
7) This practise continued after independence too. Thus India now is the largest democracy of the world, where people are the real sovereign.

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