make a list of indian companies entering into joint ventures with foreing companies

Hey I m giving you name of 15 companies with their full discription1. Avi-Oil India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Date of establishment 4thof November 1993
  • Joint venture Holders-Balmer lawrie Co Ltd, NYCO SA, France
  • Areas of operation-mineral based lubricating oil, defense and civil aviation uses, greasesand hydraulic Fluids

This company includes wide range of hydraulic fluids, protectives, greases in hostile environment. It is also connected with the safety of aircraft with the supply of Aviation and military lubricants.

2. Green Gas Ltd
  • Date of establishment 7thof October 2005
  • Joint venture Holders-GAIL (India ) Ltd IOCL
  • Areas of operation-This company is very famous of distributing the oil Gas in Agra and Lucknow

This is a company with the joint venture between Green Gas Ltd and Indian Oil corporation ltd. It provides reliable and safe natural gas to all its customers.

3. Delhi Aviation Fuel Facility Pvt. Ltd
  • Date of establishment 28thof March 2010
  • Joint venture Holders-BPCL and DIAL
  • Areas of operation-construction, management maintenance, developing, designing

This company is formed with the joint venture between Delhi International Airport Ltd and Airport Authority of India with the view of maintenance, designing and modernization .

4. GSPL India Gasnet Ltd.
  • Joint venture Holders-GSPL, HPCL, BPCL
  • Areas of operation-Natural gas pipeline selling

It is a joint venture company which is known as pioneer in the field of energy transportation. Currently it has its pipeline network in Gujarat.

5. Suntera Nigeria 205 Limited
  • Year of establishment 9thMay 2006
  • Joint venture Holders-Sunetra resources Ltd, Oil India Ltd
  • Areas of operation-Investment in gas industry, investment in oil and other upstream sector
6. Indo Cat Pvt. Limited
  • Date of establishment 1stof June 2006
  • Joint venture Holders-USA, Intercat
  • Areas of operation-It deals with manufacturing as well as marketing of FCC additives and catalysts

One of the joint venture companies that play an important role in the field of manufacturing and distribution of several additives is named as Indo Cat Pvt Limited

7. Indian Oil PETRONAS Private Ltd.
  • Date of establishment 3rdof Dec 1998
  • Joint venture Holders-Indian Oil, PETRONAS
  • Areas of operation-Importing and constructing facilities for LPG

Indian Oil PETRONAS is a joint venture between the two fortune 500 companies that meets the purpose of its diverse applications such as heat treatment for automobile components, metal processing, aerosols etc.

8. IOT Infrastructure Energy Services Ltd.
  • Date of establishment 28THof August 1996
  • Joint venture Holders-GmBH, Germany and Oil tanking
  • Areas of operation-It is involved with building and operating terminating services for petrochemical products.

This joint venture company not only deals with energy services, rather it is well known logistics and technical solution provider.

9. Indian Synthetic Rubber Limited
  • Date of establishment 6thof July 2010
  • Joint venture Holders-Marubeni Japan TSRC Taiwan
  • Areas of operation- It has rubber project in Panipat. The joint venture company also deals with implementation of styrene Butadiene.

The projects are launched with the joint venture of Indian Oil Corporation limited and Trimurti Holding corporation. The branches of the company are well connected with the National highways and railway station for smooth accessibility.

10. Indian Oil Skytanking Limited
  • Date of establishment 21stSeptember 2006
  • Joint venture Holders-Skytanking GmbH, Germany, IOT Infrastructure Energy Services Ltd.,
  • Areas of operation-Maintaining aviation fuel facility project, designing, construction etc

This is a joint venture company between Indian Oil Corporation Ltd and IOT Infrastructure and energy service ltd. It operates from Bangalore and Delhi Airports in India.

11. IndianOil Ruchi Biofuels LLP
  • Date of establishment 28thMay 2010
  • Joint venture Holders-Ruchi Soya, Indian Oil
  • Areas of operation-Bio-diesel value-chain implementation in Uttar Pradesh

It is a joint venture between Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd which is an Indore based company and Indian Oil Corporation of India having the objective to deal with jatropha plantation .

  • Date of establishment 6thApril 2011
  • Joint venture Holders-Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Indian Oil
  • Areas of operation-Operation and development of nuclear power plant, developing nuclear energy, generating electricity

This is a joint venture between two renowned companies of India namely Indian oil Corporation of India as well as Nuclear power Corporation. They have an objective of portraying nuclear power as a safe energy for people and environment.

13. Lubrizol India Private Limited
  • Date of establishment 1stApril 2000
  • Joint venture Holders-Lubrizol Inc., USA
  • Areas of operation- Manufacturing and marketing of lubricants, additives in fuels and chemicals for use

This is basically a global company which has a drive towards technological advancements. It combines complex specialty chemicals to get customer satisfaction and quality.

14. Petronet LNG Limited
  • Date of establishment 2ndof Feb 1998
  • Joint venture Holders-GAIL (India) Ltd, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Oil Natural gas Corporation Ltd., Gaz de France, ADB
  • Areas of operation-re-gasification of LNG at Dahej and Koch, developing facilities for import

This is a company with many holders working for the same objective of boosting the Indian energy sector with hard work and strategic planning.

15. Petronet VK Limited
  • Date of establishment 21stMay 1998
  • Joint venture Holders-Gujarat Industry Investment Corporation, Petronet India Limited , Reliance Industries Limited Essar Oil Limited, Infrastructure Leasing Financial Services Limited.; Canara Bank
  • Areas of operation-To operate and construct pipeline for transportation of the petroleum products
This is one of the companies with joint holders as Essar Oil Limited, Canara Bank, Petronet India Limited etc with the goal of increasing the network of pipeline for transportation.

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