Make a short story

Make a short story fan.ßut the fly kept coming back and Fed up Withher irritating behaviour. the monkey made a plan to get rid 01 her. "If she perches on the King's nose he resolved. No sooner did the fly committhe crime again, the monkey took aim and hit it hard with a stick. Before the blow could land, the ny escaped in flash, but the blow flattened the Kings nose.The monkey was never seen in the palace again. Practice Give your a suitable title. Make it interesting by describing characters and cvcnt>, and incl udins some dialogues. Ronn returns hame from school— carries some leaves 'orhiipél lamb — Mother welcomes him at door callsout his 'Ben' — gets no response — asks mother about its whereabouts — •Sold it to the butcher to buy food for - drops his bag and runs to the butcher's shop — finds his Iamb tigd to a table leg - requests the butcher give his Iamb — wants his money back — Ronn works for the butcher. sweeping. (leaning. Scrubbing and fetching things — quite pleased him. butcher returns the lamb- Ronn thanks the butcher and returns with •gen•

Dear Student,
Given below is an outline that will help you frame a complete answer, as this is a creative writing task.
  • Ronn was very tired and walked slowly to his house.
  • On the way, he found some leaves and gathered them for his lamb 'Ben.'
  • Ronn was eager to give it to his pet.
  • On reaching home, he started searching for Ben. But he couldn't find him anywhere.
  • He called out to his mother. "Mother, where is Ben?' 
  • Mother looked dismayed. 'We sold it to the butcher. We didn't have any money for food.'
  • Giving no second thoughts, he rushed to the Butcher's shop and told the butcher that he wanted his lamb back.
  • (Continue based on your imagination) 
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