Make sentences using each of these words as adjectives and adverbs.

a. weekly 
b. leisurely 
c. long 
d. right 
e. sharp
f. short 
g. slow 
h. straight 
i. tight 
j. fortnight

In each set, the first sentence uses the word as adjective and the second as adverb:

a. weekly - The weekly meeting went off as planned.
Their work is reviewed weekly.
b. leisurely - The leisurely pace at which you walk will cause great delay.
He walked in leisurely.
c. long- The long corridor was cool.
We chatted all night long.
d. right- The right way to do this is known to me.
Please stand right here.
e. sharp- My phone takes sharp pictures.
Turn sharp right there.
f. short- Hold the short end of the rpe.
The rabbit stopped short.
g. slow- the sow movement of the traffic irritated me.
The clock is fifteen minutes slow.
h. straight- Walk in a straight line.
The road runs straight.
i. tight- The tight vest does not fit me.
Hold on tight.
j. fortnightly (the word should be fortnightly)- The fortnightly edition of the magazine is much awaited.
He visits me fortnightly.

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you should do yourselves its very easy. your mind will get creative
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