Make sentences

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1. reminisce- We reminisce the good old days when we lived in the mountains.
2. paraphrase- The teacher asked the students to paraphrase the poem 'Daffodils'.
3. reinforce- To reinforce the concept of refraction, our teacher showed us an experiment.
4. inductive- Inductive reasoning is required to understand many laws of Physics.
5. genre- 'Macbeth' falls into the tragedy genre of Shakespeare's plays.
6. wispy- My grandmother has wispy white hair tied into a bun.
7. refute- The competitor used many valid arguments to refute his opponent's point of view.
8. bias- We must not house any bias towards people of other communities.
9. amendment-A bill needs to be passed in both the House of Parliament to make an amendment in the Constitution.
10. perspective- Our perspective on certain matters changes with changing circumstances.


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