Mam can please tell the 15th (i)part

Mam can please tell the 15th (i)part t" • or sent + 30 A hotel in Orecnlånd is made entirely of ice. T h. ofa is - What is the differe time temperature on Moon can reach 130'f Kow is the nucxirnum temperature than the mi' the sum of ( 340 and 1 70 from —45, (ii) 865 and 'VulD-* Choice Questions (MCQs) A Humpback whale swimming on the water's surf? expression represents this sißation? -ho + (-75) •r. Which expression has a value greater than —3? J l', Which statement is true? -F ü&surn of two negative integers is a positive im ofa negative integer and a positive intc < Tksumoftwo negative integers is a ne ultiv

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