Man has become a slave of science . The scientific advancement has made our life comfortable but it has also affected the peace of the mind of the innocent citizens. Write a letter to the editor of the local daily discussing the curses of science . Use the points given in the picture below together with your own ideas.

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Given below are a few points that will help you to develop your complete answer.
  • Modernization is seen in every phase of human life on earth today. It has touched the fields of information technology, health, education and the life style of the people.
  • Modernization in the field of heath science has helped wipe out many deadly diseases. It has also led to the introduction of useful medicines.
  • Modernization in education has encouraged learning and knowledge is accessible to all, irrespective of age, location and gender.
  • However, the negative aspect of science and its effects are great on our society.
  • Man utilises technology to curb the freedom and space of other people.
  • Most of the time, the privacy of an individual is interrupted and the negative side of technology help promote this.
  • Though there are other opportunities for communication, man does not make use of these developments and often relationships suffer from lack of communication.
  • There is a competitive spirit to use technology better than another person.
  • Man, or youth to be more specific, has become selfish and he believes that, with the advancement of technology, he can live aloof from society. 
  • People have become passive and tuned to behave as robots. They become insensitive to the pains and emotions of other people.
  • These youngsters grow up to become adults, who do not have a responsibility to the society they live in.
  • The violence and crime that they view on the screen becomes a trend and lifestyle and it no longer seems to be a sin or evil. As a result, the lives of the poor and the innocent are affected and they no longer feel safe.
  • The youth are addicted to technology and often misuse this to quench their thirst for evil and unwanted knowledge.
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