man jumping out of a moving bus
falls with his head forward. What should he
do in order to land safely

Dear Student,
When a man is on a bus moving with certain velocity (v), he will also have the same velocity as that of the bus. When he jumps off the bus his speed immediately comes to zero. So, the man experiences a deceleration which according to Newton's laws is possible only if a force acts on it in a direction opposite to the direction of its motion. It is this force which falls him and damages him. The greater the velocity of the bus, the greater will be the damage.
In order to have safe landing, this abrupt change in velocity from v to 0 should be minimum and the change is gradual and slow. It means the amount of deceleration must be minimum which, in turn, implies that the force acting in the opposite direction will be less.
This slow and gradual change in the velocity can be made if the man heads in the direction of the motion of the bus and continue moving even after jumping from the bus and then gradually comes to rest at a rate such that the opposing force is less than the normal force, thereby, avoiding his legs to dislodge from the ground and avoiding him to fell down.


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