many complains about unfair means being used in xams .write a letter to the editor of national daily newspaper in 100-120 reason for this trend and giving measures for stop this .u r aparalita .12 fort ,road kachi

Govt. Boys Sr. Sec. School

No. 5, Shakti Nagar

New Delhi.


24 October 2013


The Controller of Examination


New Delhi.


Subject: Check on the use of unfair means during examination


This is to bring to your kind notice that the practice of using unfair means during the examination is increasing with each passing day. This creates a problem for the other children also who are honest and write their exam sincerely. I would like to suggest a few points which can be implemented to avoid such a problem.

The examination i-card of the student must be checked properly twice or thrice. A seperate check committee must be appointed by the school to check the pockets and other items of the students after they enter the examination hall and they should not be allowed to leave the room after that on any pretext.They should not be allowed to carry mobile phones or any other gadget of that sort under any circumstances. Also, a flying squad should also be appointed for surprise checking any time in the middle of the exam.

I am sure that if the afore mentioned points are strictly adhered to, we can really bring about a change in the way the examinations are being conducted these days. The invigilators appointed for duty must also be instructed and trained well before the exam. I hope you will take the necessary action to check this problem.

Thanking you in anticipation of a favourable response.

Yours Sincerely

Subhash Chand

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