Many scholars and learned men ????????????? (use) to visit King Krishna Deva Raya?s court. The king himself was a learned man and ???????????.. (love) to entertain those distinguished guests. Very often, the scholars, who ?????????? (visit) his court ???????? (challenge) his courtiers. The king greatly ?????????? (enjoy) these contests of wit and wisdom.
One day, a scholar ??????????. (come) to the palace. He was a well-learned person and ?????????. (speak) many languages. The king ??????????. (welcome) him with great pleasure and ?????????.. (request) him to spend a few days in the palace. The visitor ?????????.. (accept) the invitation happily. He also ???????????. (challenge) Krishna Deva Raya?s courtiers to find out what his mother tongue ?????????? (be).
The courtiers ??????????? (try) every trick in the book. They spoke with him in several languages. Interestingly, the scholar ??????????.. (be) fluent in all of them and therefore the courtiers ???????.. (not) figure out what his mother tongue was.
Meanwhile, Tenali Raman ??????????? (sit) quietly in one corner. He ?????????. (not even make) an attempt to speak to the scholar. Tenali Raman was the most intelligent among Krishna Deva Raya?s courtiers. So the king ??????????. (surprise). He ??????????. (ask) Raman why he ?????????.. (not take up) the challenge.
Suddenly Tenali Raman ?????????.. (rise) from his seat. He turned towards the king and ????????.. (say) that he had something urgent to do. Saying this, he ???????????. (rush) towards the door. As he ?????????.. (go) past the scholar, he ??????????. (trip) and ?????????? (step) hard on the man?s toes. The scholar ????????? (badly hurt) and ???????.. (cry) out in pain.

  1. used
  2. loved
  3. visited
  4. challenged
  5. enjoyed
  6. came
  7. spoke
  8. welcomed
  9. requested
  10. accepted
  11. challenged
  12. was
  13. tried
  14. was
  15. could not
  16. sat
  17. did not even make
  18. was surprised
  19. asked
  20. did not take up
  21. rose
  22. said
  23. rushed
  24. went
  25. tripped
  26. stepped
  27. was badly hurt
  28. cried

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