marine fish stock gets depleted how the demand for more fish can be met?

Dear Student. Please find below the solution to the asked query. This can be done by the process of mariculture. Mariculture is the branch of aquaculture in which the cultivation of only marine organisms for commercial purposes is done. ‚Äč Characteristics of Mariculture:- 1. It is the cultivation of marine organisms for food and other products. 2. It is done in open ocean, enclosed part of an ocean, artificial place filled with sea water such as tanks, ponds etc. 3. It involves the farming of marine fish, finfish, prawns, shellfish, pearls, seaweeds etc. 4. It has a great economic value and is an important part of industrial fishing. Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic. If you have any more doubts just ask here on the forum and our experts will try to help you out as soon as possible. Regards.

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Simply put, when fish in the oceans are used up, we end up relying on poultry, veggies and other land-sourced proteins. This would be disastrous to my buddies who don’t eat beef, those who don’t eat pork, or those who don’t consume animal products altogether.

Hold on, what about aquaculture (freshwater) and mariculture (saltwater)? Sad to say that cultured fish are mainly fed with marine feed fish or formulated feeds, the main component of which are rendered products from marine sources as well.

Would there be any way to prevent this fish apocalypse? Perhaps unlikely as humans procreating is inevitable and seafood stocks are not proportionally increasing with human population.

So what do we do? Our only option is to prolong the usability of the resource. Countries need to institute controls. Controls not only on input fishing pressure but also control the choice of harvest procedures. Let us wholistically interest ourselves not only if a certain fishing practice is sustainable for the fish but let consumers also see the truth in work slavery and carbon footprints. Notwithstanding these so called sustainability certification bodies (why does sustainable seafood have to be so expensive?) there are more than despicable tidbits that buyers of fish are not made aware of. Certainly not all seafood harvest practices come from murky waters, but it is undeniably a… fishy business.

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