Match the following proverbs with their meaning

Match the following proverbs with their meaning ) hear as an unintended 115tener. ) beyond the curriculum. 6. Match the meanings with the proverbs given. (l) ktions speak louder than words. (2) cannot cruxes. (3) Birds of a featt•g flock togethe (4) corne to who wait. (5) for best, grepare for the worst (6) Prætke makß perfect. (7) Wt-en Ronaldo carre tre held, it was a of fresh air. (8) After the hre we rd have a roof over wr heads. Meanings (a) The more you do something, the better you will become at it. (b) What you do is more important than what you say. (c) A new, fresh approach. (f) People who are alike spend time together. Be optimistic but prepare for the worst No place to live. 8 Take what you get if you are in trouble. Leam to be patient. H

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1 - b
2 - g
3 - d
4 - h
5 - e
6 - a
7 - c
8 - f


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