Matchsticks are made from 3 substance

Are they all are nonmetal?

which of them make fricition

The matchstick head is basically a mixture of potassium chlorate, antimony trichloride, white phosphorus, glue and and starch. 

1) Except phosphorus, all other materials are compounds. 

2) Phosphorus is a non-metal. 

3) Friction is created when the surface of the matchstick box and matchstick are rubbed together. It is not due to a single substance but due to the roughness of the surface.

When struck against a rough surface, white phosphorus got ignited due to heat of friction. This started the combustion of the mixture. However, as white phosphorus is dangerous, it is not used these days. So only potassium chlorate and antimony trichloride are used in making the matchstick head. The rubbing surface has powdered glass and a small amount of red phosphorus, which is much less dangerous than white phosphorus. When the match is struck against the rubbing surface, some red phosphorus gets converted into white phosphorus. This immediately reacts with potassium chlorate in the matchstick head to produce enough heat to ignite antimony trisulphide and start the combustion.

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matchsticks are made of more than 3 substances.

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