maths crossword puzzle for class 9

arreh mujhe bi yahi janna hai ????????????

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 it is the ans....

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Math Terms D L I K E T E R M S D A I M A R E A E G T V O L U M E E N P R O P O R T I O N A L Y L O B T U S E A N G L E H Q U A D R I L A T E R A L G O R A T E O F C H A N G E V A R I A B L E Q A U I N T E R G E R S A T T H Y P O T E N U S E I E O C O E F F I C I E N T N R E X P R E S S I O N M L O P E Across Down 2 In algebra, like terms are terms that has the same variables and powers. 4 The number of square units that covers a shape or figure. 5 A letter used to represent a number value in an expression or an equation. 6 An equation of fractions in the form: a/b = c/d 7 An angle whose measure is greater than 90 degrees. 8 A polygon with 4 sides. 9 The change in the value of a quantity found by dividing the dependant variable by the independent variable 11 A letter used to represent a number value in an expression or an equation. 12 The set of numbers containing zero, the natural numbers, and all the negatives of the natural numbers. 13 The side opposite the right angle in a right triangle 14 A number or symbol multiplied with a variable or an unknown quantity in an algebraic term 15 A mathematical statement that uses numbers and symbols doesn't have an equal sign.. 1 The line joining two points on a circle and passing through the center of the circle. 3 A straight line that connects two vertex to each other 6 A theorem that relates the three sides of a triangle 10 A mathematical statement that says that two expressions have the same value; any number sentence with an =. 16 The steepness of a line expressed as a ratio, using any two points on the line.
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This is the answer of first part of exercise 3.1 question 10 in maharashtra board text book of std. 9

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A.60 b.65.c.x
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